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International Trade & Investment Law

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We assist businesses in all areas of International Trade & Investment Law

International Trade & Investment Law is concerned with the regulation of – and transactions relating to – trade and investment on a global, regional and bilateral level.

There are a vast number of international, regional and domestic rules affecting businesses involved in international trade in goods and services, as well as those investing or establishing a presence in foreign markets.

Our specialist panel members advise clients on the maximisation of international business opportunities and the identification and management of risks inherent to international trade and cross-border transactions.

Doing business in Africa is balancing opportunities and risks. I deliberately chose African trade and investment as my focus area to help cross-border businesses achieve their greatest potential in new markets.

- Marshal Mapondera

caveat legal consultant

International Trade Law

Our specialist panel members advise clients on the trade rules under the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreements, regional and bilateral trade agreements as well as on the commercial opportunities in terms of these agreements.

International Investment Law

Our specialist panel members advise clients on the international treaties, regional agreements and domestic legislation and regulations applicable to international investments. This includes advice on the legal requirements for investors as well as on investment protection and dispute resolution.

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