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Combatting Domestic Abuse and Gender Based Violence

For some time we’ve been acutely aware that although Caveat works to make quality legal services more accessible to business, it doesn’t service private individuals and as such doesn’t help some of the most vulnerable groups of people have better access to the law.

On our research, domestic violence and abuse affects two out of five people. Although there are a number of resources available to assist victims of domestic abuse, the lack of education on the topic is one of the greatest barriers to help that victims face. We realise that the problem is a massive one which will take a multi-faceted approach to effect proper social change, but we know that change is possible, and we know that we need to start somewhere.

The Warrior Project was founded in 2019 to provide victims of domestic abuse and violence (‘Warriors’) with access to information and a comprehensive directory of available resources. Visit The Warrior Project at

Listen to Caveat CEO, Yvonne Wakefield, being interviewed on The John Maytham Show about the launch of the Warrior Project and breaking the silence around domestic abuse.

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