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We assist startups, scale-ups and mature businesses with ad hoc briefs and retainers.

Caveat business clients enjoy having access to a large team of top-tier legal specialists as and when needed, often as an alternative to hiring their own permanent in-house legal staff. Our team members are experienced, business-minded and responsive, and are available to assist on all manner of corporate and commercial legal matters, while keeping up with the pace of business today.

We cover all fields of corporate and commercial law, and with no unnecessary overheads we are able to charge highly competitive rates for quality legal work.

Our team is familiar with the legal pressures facing startups, scale-ups and mature businesses, and can assist you in safely navigating the scaling process through fundraising rounds.

Through working closely with a business, whether at its offices or remotely, we strive to understand the business as a whole and to create good working relationships with key stakeholders, so that we’re able to deliver the most effective, tailored and commercial legal services and solutions.

- Sarah Van Zyl, Caveat Panel Member

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Business Laws & Regulations

There are countless laws and regulations that apply to businesses, but the main ones include the Companies Act, 2008, the Consumer Protection Act, 2008, the Electronic Transactions and Communications Act, 2002, the King Code for Corporate Governance in South Africa and the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013.

Legal Gap Analysis

Caveat provides a fixed fee for Legal Gap Analyses to assist businesses of all sizes to identify whether and to what extent they have their legal bases covered. We then provide a list of the actions that are necessary to fill the gaps identified through the Legal Gap Analysis, and prioritise those actions into an action plan ensuring that the most material and relatively quick action items are addressed as a priority, working down the list towards the less important nice-to-haves. This is all done in consultation with the business to ensure that the action plan is aligned with the items that best suit the business requirements and available budget.

Projects aimed at assisting businesses with bringing their legal affairs up to date are always fulfilling. This is even more so when done proactively and not hastily for a specific reason such as preparing for a due diligence investigation. There are usually so many relatively quick ‘legal wins’ to implement that readily make a significant difference to a business’s operations and value. These differences include adding efficiency and structure to business operations and transactions, providing certainty and peace of mind to business leaders and stakeholders and, overall, ensuring that the business appears, is, and remains trustworthy.

- SHAYLYN MCDONALD, Caveat Panel Member

caveat legal panel attorney shaylyn

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