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We SUPPORT in-house legal teams with a wide variety of services.

We have been supporting  in-house legal teams in some of the largest corporate entities for years, and  have an understanding of the increasing complexity of your functions, and the need to balance efficiently serving your businesses with – often shrinking – budgets.

Giving legal advice is not only about knowing the law but also knowing your client, so that you know how to best apply the law to the clients needs and specific objectives.

- Stormme Hobson, Caveat Panel Member

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We are available to assist corporates and in-house legal teams with:

  • Quality secondments from seasoned corporate lawyers who can “hit the ground running” and support on  specific projects, workflow backlogs, maternity leave cover or periods where the company is trying to fill a vacancy
  • Intelligent design and staffing of in-house legal functions
  • Tech system design and rollout advice and assistance
  • Training for staff on compliance with existing procedures and provision of easy-to-use infographics
  • Missing link policy and procedure design and build, staff training on its compliant implementation (for example procurement, contract management, contract approvals, and customer and supplier onboarding policies and procedures)
  • Contract template suites, including for intra-company/group and cross-border relationships
  • Assistance with corporate governance and legal/regulatory compliance

Occupational Health and Safety (managerial level). 
Harassment at the workplace (aimed at all levels of staff).
COVID19 at the workplace (managerial level). 
Disciplinary hearings – how to run fairly and write an outcome (aimed at managers who might have to chair hearings). 
Cultural Diversity in the workplace. 
CCMA training: how to prepare for conciliation and arbitration (aimed at managers who represent their employer at the CCMA).
Shop stewards – capacitate them and improve their skills in dealing with matters at the workplace (aimed at shop stewards)
Corporate governance requirements in terms of the Companies Act and Regulations and King Code 
Commercial policies and procedures (for example procurement, contract management, contract approvals, and customer and supplier onboarding policies and procedures).
Contract law and principles – for business, procurement and sales functions 
Data Protection:
Policies, processes, manuals and their implementation
Data breaches and how to handle them
Cybercrimes Act
Electronic Communication and Transactions Act (‘ECTA”) 
Guidance on data protection within certain other African jurisdictions 
Anti-Bribery & Corruption (ABAC)
Financial Services:
Collective investment schemes and Hedge Funds under CISCA 
FAIS (though this may soon be replaced by COFI)
Twin Peaks regulatory model and COFI
National Credit Act
Consumer Protection Act 

What I enjoy most about servicing in-house teams is being able to marry legal with business in a way that enables business to thrive responsibly. Law and legal support is often regarded as something to be relied on reactively and begrudgingly as a cost-centre. Companies can gain so much from shifting that mindset towards relying on their in-house legal teams to proactively support and enhance their business operations in a way that adds immense value.

- SHAYLYN MCDONALD, Caveat Panel Member

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We assist Corporates with legal services in many different industries

Industries our clients work in include:

  • telecomms
  • manufacturing
  • pharmaceuticals
  • financial services
  • retail
  • technology
  • advertising
  • tobacco products
  • mining
  • agriculture


Yes, Caveat provides experienced corporate lawyers to assist with short-term vacancies like maternity leave or long leave, either remotely or in-house, and either full-time or part-time, depending on your needs.

Yes, we provide lawyers on secondment at a fixed monthly price. We also assist with ad hoc briefs or projects at fixed fees.

Caveat has stripped away the costs that drive legal fees up in traditional firms (large offices, teams of support staff etc) to ensure that clients pay less for their legal work. As such, our rates are around half of the cost of the same lawyers at the large firms.

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