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Because blockchain technology is relatively new and has developed faster than legislative processes, and because the nuances of blockchain applications are varied, Blockchain and Crypto Law covers a broad range of regulations, many of which were formulated before its existence.  As such, it covers laws and regulations in the fields of financial services, ITC, exchange control and tax; and involves keeping abreast of these regulations as they change to adapt to it.

Blockchain technology itself is advancing in major financial services institutions such as banks and insurance companies and the regulatory implications cross over a broad area of law.

In addition, crypto assets are  soon to be deemed “financial products” under the applicable financial services regulations, imposing potential licencing obligations on those who work in the cryptocurrency investment space.

Caveat’s Blockchain and Crypto Law team is multi-disciplinary, and includes financial services, tax and technology law experts, which enables us to  provide appropriate advice to cryptocurrency brokers, advisors, exchanges and platforms in this developing landscape.


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