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International Trade and Investment Law

August 12, 2019
Caveat Legal

Protective Writs: No Protection against Change in Ownership

The Supreme Court of Appeal has recently addressed a very important point in our Admiralty Law. Specifically, whether or not a protective writ can protect a […]
March 16, 2016
Caveat Legal

South Africa Remains Eligible for Benefits under AGOA

South Africa has narrowly avoided suspension from the African Growth and Opportunity Act (“AGOA”). On 14 March 2016 President Obama issued a proclamation revoking South Africa’s […]
February 10, 2016
Caveat Legal

New Protection of Investment Act – The Implications for Foreign Investors

President Zuma and Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies placed a lot of emphasis on South African investment opportunities at the recent World Economic Forum in […]
November 6, 2015
Caveat Legal

SA Agricultural Exporters May Lose Valuable US AGOA Benefits

US President Barack Obama yesterday released a letter in which he announced his intent to suspend the duty-free treatment for all South African AGOA-eligible exports in […]
June 1, 2015
Caveat Legal

Trademarks for Similar Goods

A recent Gauteng High Court decision considered in some detail that most fundamental of trade mark questions: is there a likelihood of consumer confusion between the […]

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