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December 6, 2018

State Procurement: The Changing Face of Public Procurement in SA

Public procurement is, by definition, procurement for the public – typically to ensure service delivery – using public money. As our Constitutional Court noted in the […]
October 16, 2018

Contract Management Systems: Tips for Selection and Optimisation

With so many contract management systems (CM Systems) on the market these days, it can be daunting trying to select the right one for your organisation. […]
March 4, 2015

Pitching to Government Uninvited: The Opportunities and Perils

Approaching government with an unsolicited offering is fraught with uncertainty, and an understanding of the regulatory landscape is important for businesses seeking to manage the risks […]
June 8, 2014
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June 14, 2013

Carbon Tax in South Africa: Call for Participation

Why should you and your business care about the carbon tax? There is no doubt that South Africa, along with the rest of the world, is […]
January 14, 2013

Plain Language: The Need for ‘Tight’ Writing

The concept of ‘plain language’ has come to prominence with the arrival of the National Credit Act, the Consumer Protection Act and the new Companies Act. […]
March 14, 2012

Dividends Tax: An Overview

From 1 April 2012, Secondary Tax on Companies (“STC”) will be replaced by Dividends Tax, and regulated by sections 64D to 64N of the Income Tax […]
January 14, 2012

Promotion of Access to Information Act

PROMOTION OF ACCESS TO INFORMATION ACT, 2 OF 2000 Does the Promotion of Access to Information Act (“the Act”) affect our business? Yes, the Act applies […]

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