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Our rigorous vetting process requires strict adherence to the selection criteria, which will only be departed from in exceptional circumstances.

Selection Criteria

  • LLB minimum qualification, LLM preferred
  • Admission/s as legal professional (or chartered accountant if tax practitioner)
  • At least 2 years in practice at one of your country’s top law firms
  • Verification by Legal Practice Council (or other applicable regulator)
  • Exceptional references from most recent large firm employment
  • Inclination towards consulting work as long-term career choice
  • Personal affinity with Caveat’s objective of making specialised legal services more accessible to business

Apply to become a Caveat Panel Member

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    Tertiary degrees

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    Admission/s as Legal Professional

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    Date of admission/s *

    Does your name still appear on the roll?

    If not, when was your name removed from the roll and why?

    Have you been convicted of an offence involving dishonesty? *

    If yes, please provide details

    Practical Experience

    Positions held as legal professional (please include firm, department, number of years held and reason for leaving) *

    Fields of interest and specialisation *

    Noteworthy matters in which you have been involved

    Other practical experience gained

    Referees (from most recent large firm employment)

    You consent to Caveat contacting these referees to ask about various aspects of your employment with them

    Referee 1 Name *

    Referee 1 Organisation and Position *

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    Referee 1 Email *

    Referee 2 Name *

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    Would you like to lead projects/deals or be led/supervised?

    Would you like to present training lectures to businesses on compliance with legislation?

    If so, with which legislation are you particularly familiar?

    We cannot guarantee steady workflow levels. Do you have an expectation for steady workflow/income from Caveat?

    If so, what are the parameters of your expected workflow/income levels?

    What will you do to ensure steady workflow for yourself?

    Are you prepared to source new work for yourself through Caveat?

    Ideally, how many hours a week would you like to work?

    Are you willing to do pro bono work?

    If so, how many hours a month?

    Why do you wish to work through Caveat *

    I confirm that the information provided is true and correct *

    I accept Caveat’s terms & conditions *

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