Senior legal professionals made available on an ad hoc basis to:

  • advise on the appropriate entity through which to trade (in other words, whether to trade as sole proprietor or through a company), and the setting up of a company if necessary
  • advise on how to regulate the rights of investors in your business and drafting of shareholders agreements, loan agreements or other agreements
  • advise on, draft or vet lease agreements
  • advise on how to regulate your relationships with your employees, drafting employment agreements and disciplinary codes and assist with disciplinary and grievance procedures, dismissals, retrenchments and negotiations with trade unions
  • advise on how to run your business in a tax efficient way
  • advise on your intellectual property rights and measures available to protect them
  • ensure that your business complies with relevant legislation
  • advise on and draft terms and conditions or agreements with suppliers, manufacturers, service providers and/or clients of your business
  • advise on any transactions you wish to conclude in the course of business (for example buying a business or concluding a franchise agreement)
  • advise on, provide, and assist with the implementation of measures to effect a company turnaround, advise on the appropriateness of business rescue proceedings, and act as business rescue practitioners
  • advise on alternative dispute resolution options to efficiently and cost-effectively handle a commercial dispute

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